What's your idea for a game? (13)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-08 11:44 [Del]

What's your idea for a game? Explain the mechanics, story, and things that make your idea special, or even impossible to do.

Here is the first I've ever had. Nazi Summer Camp, the idea was inspired by Dwarf Fortress and the fact that Auschwitz was supposed to be converted into a kindergarten or some shit like that. So in it, you are in command of an extermination camp somewhere in Poland, and you will have to construct different infrastructure (like housing, train station, workshop, etc...), and manage and exterminate through different mean various political/racial enemies but not too quickly so that you can still make good use of them (for example, sending a portion of them to work in V2 factories, making fake british bank note...). And of course conducting human experiment to gain administrative points, destroying evidence when the Russians come way to close from your facilities, and funding your escape to Argentina or an other South America country, so that you won't end up being judge for crime against humanity.

But hey, some random dudes made Prison Architect, and that more or less the same idea, but in more brutal and edgy (yeah I was very edgy when I was a teen).

The second one is way less edgy and was inspired by reading Jack London books, Unreal World, and Prospector (the one in Space). It is set in the Yukon during the Gold Rush, and you start as an adventurous gold prospector. But of course life in the Yukon is not all that agreeable, freezing temperature in winter, hunger, skyrocketing inflation when Dawson city started to be overpopulated (think like 75000 men living somewhere where nothing grow, and where an egg cost an ounce of pure gold). The idea is to simulate the life around the Arctic circle during that time, where you could get lucky and become millionaire, sell your concession and go back to the USA, or falling in love with the Yukon and decide to establish yourself as a trapper, or decide to take advantage of all those clueless people, run your own business (why go out find gold when you can make them find gold for you?). But hey, I have no idea how to make a realistic economy that could reflect how thing where in Dawson city.

The third one (which in fact is the second) is a roguelike where you play as a Jiangshi (it means stiff corpse), a sort of chinese demon/vampire/zombie. You were unfairly forced to suicide by the Emperor, because of some people plotting to overthrown the dynasty. An you come back as a Jiangshi, and ready to take your revenge. Your helth, mana pool, and XP are combined together, and is called Qi, and you will have to drain the vital energy from living people and animals to increase it and gain in power, gain new spell, technique and abilities inspired by Chinese mythology and kungfu movies, until you become as powerful as a Demon King.

2 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-09 07:05 [Del]

A wwii game where Turkey invades Greece and fights against soviets in caucasia

3 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-09 18:18 [Del]

You're a secret agent with a magic camera. You take photographs of secret enemy bases. The photographs contain magic relating to the picture, and can be used to help solve puzzles and kill bad guys. Photos can be fused into more powerful magics.

The plot twist: The secret agent is obese.

4 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-09 22:43 [Del]

A game where you play as a Jew and must hustle white people out of their pensions. As your skill in the game increases, so does your nose which makes it harder for people to trust you. To progress with the game you must use sophisticated information manipulation tactics to get people to give you money.

Game is also based on using the same marketing principles that businesses use to get customers and is "educational" in a sense. Aspects of it incorporate social dynamics and crowd sourcing to decide on whether a play for money is truly Jewish or not.

Final boss is graduating from the game to use the Jewish skills you've learned to steal money from the real world. Think of it as a fun way to learn business and troll people IRL.

5 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-09 22:53 [Del]

If this were tweaked a little to be less /pol/, it would actually have potential.

Either way, I'd play it.

6 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-10 02:35 [Del]

When I was younger I always thought about making a survival horror game where you go into a labyrinth inside your house. Each section of the labyrinth would be different in the environments, puzzles, and lore. You'd have to utilize finding and reading things about each section so to know how to combat certain things like the behavior of the creatures there ,or what to do in certain conditions like walking into a room that's pitch black and having a voice ask you to turn off your light and to not trying and look around.

Though this would probably be shit in execution. My younger self thought things like your character dying in a room and waiting a few minutes at the game over screen for the game to resume and show an unknown creature walking over to your corpse and staring at the camera as the spookiest thing imaginable.

7 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-10 12:41 [Del]

A edutainment game where the players write scripts for danmaku.

Each round consists of two scripts, one for controlling a player character and one for controlling the boss and bullets. A non-scripted time limit is assigned to the boss.

The first round consists of both users' script-player fighting each script-boss.

The second round consists of each user taking control of the player character to fight the other player's boss-script. The third round involves each user taking control of their player-character to fight their own boss script.

If neither a script nor any player can defeat the boss, then whoever wrote the unbeatable boss loses. If a script can beat a boss but neither player can beat it, then 1 point is awarded to the boss scripter and 1 point to the player scripter. If a user can beat a boss, then 3 points are awarded to the victorious player; if a script cannot beat a boss but a user can, one point is deducted from user who wrote the defeated player script.

The real point of the game would be to make using python or javascript or whatever programming language a little more fun, for normies who want to compete against their friends.

The trouble is the game's actual target demographic, normies who want to get into brogramming, is completely separate from me, so I wouldn't be able to develop it.

8 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-10 22:00 [Del]

A real-time or real-time pausable PC strategy game set in the Watership Down and Bunnies and Burrows world.

The player controls a warren of intelligent rabbits and manages their survival and propagation while under threat from diseases, natural forces, predators, humans, and other hostile rabbits.

The game is based in real-time, possibly with an option to pause (like grand strategy). Multiplayer may be an option. The player can mouse-select one or more rabbits at a time and issue orders, however most of the rabbits' behaviour will be automated, or based on assigned behaviour orders. There will also be 6-12 individually controlled rabbits that make up the warren council. The warren council can have tasks assigned that aid in areas like war and defense, food, wealth, folklore and belief, nurturing and mating.

The game is played out on a map with multiple layers. The top layer is the surface world where food is gathered, territory fought for, and predators hunt rabbits. The second layer is the subsurface layer where the warrens are located. The warrens are where rabbits sleep, reproduce, and protect themselves. Disease can also spread inside warrens. Warrens can be dugout and expanded, which lowers the risk of disease and allows for higher rabbit populations. In addition, the warrens of other rabbits can be fought over and captured or raided for fertile females for your breeding population.

The surface level map is mostly flat or rolling terrain, with each food type spread about randomly. For example, grass is very common but low in nutritional value. It grows back quickly however. Nuts and seeds are rare, but high value. Leafy plants and vegetables are a medium nutrition source, but abundant in small, dense pockets. Vegetable gardens can be full of nutritious vegetables but are also defended by dangerous humans, and can contain traps. They are also defended by cats and dogs. Once an area is depleted of food, it will take a set amount of time to regenerate.

Rabbits reproduce sexually with the genetics of the male and female determining the genetics of their offspring. Rabbit litters tend to number 2-6 at a time with 30 day gestation between cycles. Whether a gene is expressed by a rabbit is determined by a simple punnett square. (ex. Aa + aa = 1/2 Aa, 1/2 aa). Genetics determine the following genetic traits of each individual rabbit (including council rabbits):
*coat colour
*coat pattern
*fecundity (female only)

Traits like speed, strength, and fecundity affect food consumption of the individual rabbit directly. Longevity indirectly affects the amount of food consumed over the long-term. While it can be advantageous to selectively breed a master race of genetically superior bunnies, the increased food consumption means the warren will deplete its safe nearby food faster, and mean foraging in dangerous areas. It might be more prudent to reduce a generation of bunnies' fitness when food is scarce to prevent warren collapse.

The social politics of the warren is also reflected by the breeding strategy of the player. A warren of weak, stupid rabbits is easily controlled and rarely challenges the council, where as a warren where the younger generations are stronger than their council elders and could lead to the latter being usurped. Rabbits dissatisfied with overcrowding or a lack of breeding females could desert and found their own, or empty warrens could attract migrants from foreign warrens. These things can be mitigated depending on the chosen folklore or belief system of the warren.

This all I have thought up for now.

9 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-11 11:05 [Del]

I'm pretty uncreative, but I always thought an educational sim based on(what I assume most of our experiences in school were) could be interesting and challenging. Not very educational to us, but it might be educational to Chad and Stacy.

The goal would simply be to finish school, and at the end you would be graded on how well you did under such torturous conditions. Things like pysch meters, stamina meters, anxiety meters, depression meters, etc for the protagonist. All of which would be (mostly negatively) influenced by the world around you and the people occupying it. The challenge, of course, would come from actually completing the game and being graded well. Not just school grades, but also mental wellbeing and stuff. Naturally it would have to be very difficult to finish the game successfully.

For a brief example, if Chad kicked the protagonist into the mud it would negatively affect all of his attributes, basically damaging the protagonist's ability to function, maybe even make it really difficult to leave bed or something the next day.

I guess the game could be more accurately described as tedious rather difficult, but at least it would be accurate.

10 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-11 20:14 [Del]

Not really my idea, but I would like to see a game based on the Persistent World mod of Mount & Blade: Warband which does many of the things I will describe.

Basically there is a reasonably large sized map with a bunch of bases with flags scattered around, these bases can be castles, towns, villages or even cool towers. People make factions and take ownership of these bases, and can become classes like doctors, serfs (who can mine, woodcut, hunt and stuff like that) horseback fighters, archers and probably some others I forget. There are horse carts for your serfs to put the stuff they mine into, to slowly drag back to their base to turn into gold to buy weapons, armor, horses, food etc.

There is also an outlaw faction which goes around robbing people and causing mischief. There are also rivers and seas and boats. Getting into faction bases requires lockpicking or bashing down the doors.

If an amateur made mod for an indie game made by a small company can do this who knows what a full game that people pay for could do.

11 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-13 01:16 [Del]

been brainstorming an "xcom" inspired squad-based spreadsheet game the past few days. Rather than play it as a tactical wargame, I want to simplify the mechanics down so combat is condensed into dicerolls and automated. Hoping to keep some of the nuance normally filtered out of these kinds of sims

squads are organized hierarchically as the player wishes with proper equipment etc - this is not a static process. Units at the front of the combat echelon experience initial contact and causalities prior to the next echelon being able to react. Units further back rely on the frontal echelons to maintain contact and allow them to react. Furthermore, morale is handled hierarchically with members higher on the echelon if directly linked able to make morale checks on behalf of panicked units... but if they themselves panic the lower members also do

The point is that squad command & control and formation can be tinkered with, in addition to standard equipment options. naturally the operatives all have a range of randomly generated statistics to be factored in and optimized

combat formula right now is:

check for contact by all squads (# of units in echelon v. d6)

-> if contact check for range (d6)
-> successful contact squads then make a manuever check (speed of weapon + unit stat v. d6)
-> successful manuever checks allow firing ( # of die equal to weapon RATE @ acc stat + weapon acc v. d6)

-> hits are randomly distributed among first echelon and causalities taken
->cycle repeats with next echelon also becoming involved

->morale v. d6 for all in combat; if greater than morale unit panics and is unavailable next turn
->supression rules tba

simple and grindy but workable at the moment. environments in a finished product would be less randomize, and I'm hoping to allow for an aggression slider to dictate the degree of risk taken v. actions available or something. Also a civilians or directions (isometric) variable to encourage expansion and multiple squads. Will probably have to formalize opposing squad types to make it a playalone game as well but eh. I just really like the idea of optimizing squads and being able to run it through the simulation without having to bullshit through tactical play

12 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-13 15:15 [Del]

A game in which a lonely wizard goes on a perilous quest and is rewarded with knowledge and a friend from a different planet in the same situation. Lead to sequel.

13 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-14 07:34 [Del]

Something you can do today to spread freedom is to train someone how to use a firearm. You could also go to gun shows and buy guns and ammo to give away as gifts to as many Americans as you can.

Banning guns won't be easy if everyone is a gunowner.

One reason Americans are tolerating tyranny now is that they have food, AC, and beer. Once the guns are outlawed, Communists are elected in 2020 or 2024, or the US Ponzi economy pops and people are starving in the street, Civil War 2.0 could start.

Time is running out.

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