government is the highest evolution of human social organization (24)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-14 10:33 [Del]

but if this is true why is it universally reviled and attacked

2 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-14 13:05 [Del]

It's because corporations or other capitalists who are "totally gonna make it brah :^)" are butthurt that they impede or could potentially impede on their personal growth (ie profit).

3 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-14 13:10 [Del]

The government controls alot of things and basically if we don't like it they can just police us around with weapons and shout "like it or leave".

And then when we leave they'll just capture us and put us in jail.

They have too much control over us.

4 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-14 15:25 [Del]

Basically yes, but there are lot of examples when it's shit, like retarded tax money distribution, bureaucracy etc.

It would be cool to have few 'control planets' where you would run various forms of political, social and economical systems and their combinations and measure some indicators of what is considered to be positive and negative.

5 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-14 16:29 [Del]

Government is the highest evolution of human social exploitation.

6 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-14 22:06 [Del]

Only when it's representative. If it's not representative, then it's just like a monarchy.
Remember, the crazy dictators that ruled rome did so through government. Government isn't inherently good or inherently evil, but people with power over others without responsibility will always abuse it

7 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 16:53 [Del]

Highest evolution does not necessarily mean best functioning. Arguably the governance of a tribal society will probably be many times more amicable to those in that society than a large government that has it's constituents number in the many hundreds of millions. Although one is clearly more "evolved" than the other, the former still is preferable in some ways.

8 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 17:00 [Del]

I think government tends to protect the people from their own stupidity, or from themselves. The problem is the government are people too.

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10 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-04 17:19 [Del]

The government is an organization that exploits people by demanding tribute in the form of tax among other things.

It also relies on the very people it exploits to maintain the system. (In the form of policing)

11 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-05 16:51 [Del]

As of now? Perhaps. But the State is inherently violent. In fact, that's the only thing that separates it from other institutions. Unless you believe that humans will try to kill, rob and enslave each other as soon as there isn't an organization enforcing a monopoly over those things and that this will remain true forever, then it can't be said that government is the highest form of social organization that there will ever be.

12 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-06 10:49 [Del]

Attacking the government is something normies do to vent off frustration i.e. there's too much traffic therefore the government a shit, gasoline is expensive therefore the government a shit, these are not the real reasons they are frustrated of course, they are frustrated because their lives are inherently useless and absurd, but is not socially acceptable to talk about that, so there. Also their criticisms of government never form a coherent rational argument beyond ">muh taxes" and shit like that, they are like little kids angry their parents won't let them play after sleep hours.

A more interesting question perhaps is: Why is social organization a good thing though? Wouldn't humanity be better off as nomadic tribes?

13 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-06 12:42 [Del]

As long as you get you disability bucks it's all good. Autists like you should just be left to fend for yourselves.

14 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-06 12:53 [Del]

State some random shit that is obvious.
So intellectual. 10/10.
No really though, kill yourself OP.
Clearly given the animal mind form a structure like this would form. Just end it OP.

15 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-11 22:43 [Del]

I disagree, the internet is. Since it came about voluntarily and involves a lot more people than any government.

16 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-16 21:05 [Del]

The thesis is false. Entropy does not imply improvement or advancement.

17 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-18 02:01 [Del]

Please, no need to use quasi-intellectual terms.

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>Americans poopoo but then they peepee. WTF???

retarded but thats about the level of political insight to be expected from chinese ip

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