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1 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 16:30 [Del]

Does anyone here go to the library? I rarely go outside but I like going to the library just to read the books. Its surprising how much information there are in books that you can't find online, plus the library is just so comfy. The internet is full of too much vitriol and hyper sensationalism, I think the library is a far more comfortable escape from reality.

2 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 16:48 [Del]

I sometimes sit in the library between classes but unfortunately there is a very paltry offering, both of text books and fictions. Unfortunately almost any large libraries are a decent drive away or for university use only and I both don't have reliable transport and dislike going out in public if I can help it. I wish I was rich enough to have a personal library, but that is neither here nor there,

3 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 18:31 [Del]

I go there often because my parents stopped paying for the internet bill. I sit very, very far away from anyone there and sit on my laptop, read manga, watch anime and browse the internet. I'm actively convincing them to contact an ISP at the moment, however

4 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 19:14 [Del]


>Its surprising how much information there are in books that you can't find online.

You are aware that you can download books, right?

The internet has way more books than the shitty library in my small town.

5 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 19:33 [Del]

My library is swarming with black girls on the computers and failed normies in the Manga section, I instead love to go to

6 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 19:40 [Del]

Not too often anymore. Before I started working, I would request lots of detective fiction and they'd always get me some. But when I got a job I had no time for reading anymore.

Now I only go there for printing. I have no printer but sometimes sell stuff on Ebay and need to print labels. Costs 10 cents to print a page.

7 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 19:48 [Del]

I used to spend an hour a day in the library. Actually, public ones are frequented by semi-homeless types, the transient and the elderly. Their selection of books are frequently recent bestsellers, but at least the graphic novel section was nice. The architecture is in my opinion, decidedly uncomfy. But I can live with that

there's actually a board game club over there I've been atteding

8 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 20:32 [Del]


There are many books that the internet doesn't have, or doesn't have for free. Though there are attempts to change that, google for instance.

But libraries have other benefits, such as getting rid of distractions (I find it infinitely easier to read while in a library then on my computer distracted with everything on the internet), and also it is much easier to find books because they are physically there and divided by sections. Where on the internet it is difficult to just find a book unless you first know what you want.

I'm sorry to hear that you have a shitty library anon.

9 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 21:01 [Del]

Bookstores are much better imo. The books are in good condition, unlike in libraries. Also in bookstores you can find what type of book you are looking for very easily, unlike libraries which are organized by alphabetical order. Maybe that's just the library in my town, I've never been to any other libraries.

10 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-15 21:10 [Del]


>libraries which are organized by alphabetical order

Jesus Christ how horrifying. I honestly though that all modern libraries used something akin to the dewy decimal or library of congress system.

11 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-16 00:06 [Del]

I sometimes go there and look through books and play mobage because it's nice and warm and comfy and my heating breaks a lot. It's in a really shitty part of town where people are too busy doing whatever gangsters do, so it's just homeless and seniors.

12 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-16 00:56 [Del]

There is a huge second hand bookstore in town here that is great for all the old and cool things you can find. I bought a first edition of Mussolini's Memoirs for $30 which had newspaper clippings in it one of which was reporting his death in 1945.

13 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-16 04:21 [Del]

I love second hand book store, any time I have some money to spare, I go to one of them and look for something interesting. I don't always end up reading them, and sometimes I bought in foreign language I can't even read (but might learn at some point), just because it's an old, but very nice edition.

There is also a book fair in my town, at least 3 times a week. That's nice too. I love looking at what sort of book they sell. One of them who specialize in old book, art book and philosophy, had at some point a fabulous holy music book of the 18th century in Latin, with illustration.

14 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-16 17:08 [Del]


Not all books can be found online. It takes a long time for certain books to get put on the internet, especially ones for very specific topics.

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16 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-29 17:19 [Del]

>>4 Reading off a computer screen is torture

17 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-29 20:04 [Del]




18 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-03 07:46 [Del]

It is. I bought an e-reader. (Kobo glo). One of the best purchases I made. I've pirated hundreds of books, most of which would be unavailable to me in my 'local' library (which costs a book's worth of bus fares to get to anyway). I've read so many books now that I'm worried about running out of books to read that I'm interested in, or the content in them overlapping so much that they're not worth reading.
I make a lot of posts in the reading thread in /hob/. I have like 7 books that I've been meaning to write up a post for. I think I'll get on that now, probably just picking out the ones I liked.

Where I get my books from is a combo of:

  1. libgen ( )
  2. #bookz on undernet (pretty bad but it's xdcc so it's higher on the list.)
  3. Public trackers
  4. Myanonymouse. Private tracker. Not too hard to get into nor maintain a ratio. A little anal about seeding but it's acceptable. My last port of call when hunting for books. Very rarely have to go here.

I read an hour every night and doing so chews through a lot of books. Helps me get to sleep. Lying in bed reading helps slow my heart rate and calm me down, and helps to prevent me from thinking about my own life when it's time to put the e-reader down.

It's a shame being well read is not a marketable skill.

19 Name: Anonymage : 2015-11-12 18:02 [Del]

Yep library's are cool, I just put holds on all the stuff I want and they pull them from the shelves/ship them from other library's and wrap them up so I can just walk in and check them out.

20 Name: Anonymage : 2015-12-30 00:50 [Del]

I have a membership to the library in my local town but I've only been there once.

genesis is FANTASTIC and the day it goes down will be a dark day indeed. So many books that I would have had to spend money on to get have been found there. It's saved me from buying all sorts of garbage while allowing me to keep the gems.

Highly recommended.

21 Name: Anonymage : 2015-12-31 13:36 [Del]

That libgen site seems really cool, thanks. One site I use is mobilism, which is suprisingly good for books, but you have to register to search now. Seems to have a lot of new releases though.

22 Name: Anonymage : 2016-01-09 09:49 [Del]

I like when libraries have slips in the back of the books, with stamps to show when the books are due. I like to see how many stamps it has, to see how long ago people would check it out. I especially enjoy when the book is older than my parents, or in rare cases, older than my grandparents. I like to think about the people who read it before, if they still live, if they still remember the book, if it had an impact on them.

Unfortunately, because of computers, I don't know of any libraries that still do this. I'm not a luddite or anything, but I miss it.

23 Name: Anonymage : 2016-04-28 10:45 [Del]

Yes I do go to the library to study language for fun. Its always entertaining to watch what people are doing.on the computers. a while back I spotted a hunchbacked disabled negroid watching Samurai Jack that seemed nice and kindhearted. There are a lot of older succubi playing candy-crush games or on facebook or reading yahoo. But the most hilarious part is probably seeing failed normies browsing facebook profiles of successful, attractive males in envy or oogling a succubi profile and all her pictures.

I dont see why they do this sort of thing because it seems like it's just self-punishment for a failed normie type.

The manga section is booming and always has people swarming around it.

24 Name: Anonymage : 2016-04-29 15:39 [Del]

If a had any option around here i would. See, i live in the third world.

I keep my reading on coffee shops.

25 Name: Anonymage : 2016-07-07 15:14 [Del]

I find libraries to be infinitely more comfy than my house with its shitty chairs and a calming environment without distractions. If there's a screen close by (even turned off), I am distracted to no end. A library with a good selection is wonderful place. I read manga/comics on my Android tablets, and its good enough for those purposes but using an e-reader would make me want to claw my eyes out. Contrary to what people think, physical books are not for the masses hence the cachet of a private library. Technology may democratize knowledge or information, but only the poor have to abide with virtual copies (forced convenience = a state of poverty). I apologize for the tangent. There is just something special to me about smell the aged, yellow pages of a book.

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27 Name: Anonymage : 2016-07-08 19:18 [Del]

I go to my local library nearby from time to time. A few times a year, 0-3 approximately. I love to read physical foreign literature books. They are considered classic, but for me it is a classical neurotypical reading, because most plots in books are very bad, but I do enjoy the way of writing in it.

I think this particular library have nothing to offer, so I will probably never go there again.
I never stayed reading in the library in my life, always taking books to home with me, and will never understand anyone staying somewhere for long. It is basically the street, but with different kinds of animals in it and with books. Still street.

28 Name: Anonymage : 2016-07-30 14:26 [Del]

Sometimes you have to be careful with libraries. I was sitting at a personal desk minding my own business on the computer, when a librarian walked in front of my desk and started disturbing me. It waved a chronicles of narnia coloring book around and invited me to go coloring books downstairs. It specifically came over to me only and ignored everyone else in my area. Apparently my development is so arrested that I look like an overgrown child who belongs in the playpen coloring books.

29 Name: Anonymage : 2016-07-30 16:20 [Del]

I recently got a book about the Nigro man, it is about how Niggers are better than everyone else.

30 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-02 18:50 [Del]

I completely agree OP. The library is my true home, my house is just where I live. Also, my bus system is really weird, and so even though the library is 8 miles northeast of my house, it only takes one bus to get there.
Once in a while, the luck is in my favor.

31 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-03 19:09 [Del]

Libraries are so out of place in the new world because the books are lent for free and you are trusted to bring them back. A non-profit system built on trust is inconceivable, too much risk involved with not enough reward. Shut down the libraries and replace them with online book rental systems, I say.

32 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-09 10:50 [Del]

What happened to the "No Talking" rule at libraries? 20 years ago, the one near my house was super quiet. Now people are talking all the time about the stupidest stuff. It is so frustrating, and I had to start going to another branch. But at the other branch, it's even louder. The staff used to be so anal about noise. Even when kids were whispering and talking about a school project, one of the staff would occasionally shush them and tell them to reserve a workroom if they needed to talk. Now a bunch of ADULTS are constantly yapping at high decibels about nothing. And nobody reads books anymore, it seems like the crowd has changed dramatically. Most people just come here to use the computer and check their facebooks.

I live in the Phoenix area, but is this happening anywhere else?

33 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-09 10:57 [Del]


>which costs a book's worth of bus fares to get to anyway

Ever heard of bus passes?

34 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-26 12:29 [Del]

At the library right now, actually, and it is very comfy. I don't have internet at home so I have to use the internet here. But I do spend most of my time here reading books or hobby magazines that they keep buying for some reason.

35 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-26 19:55 [Del]

Yes it is a nice place on most times but there's always that one group of tourists or plain out right college retards who play loud music and talk like they're in a bar. That if not protests of some kind.

36 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-27 18:18 [Del]


>that they keep buying for some reason

Libraries do cater to the taste of their users so you can tell what the reading public that visits a branch is like based on the selection carried there. You also have people that request certain things like magazine subscriptions.

37 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-29 19:06 [Del]

I'm at the library right now. It's really peaceful during summer nights, when barely anyone else is here.

38 Name: Anonymage : 2017-11-22 23:12 [Del]

For 3 years I went to the same library practically every day except Sundays. It was a 3 story building with a basement floor. My favorite spot was in a corner of a shorter hall behind a column. Most of the books in the basement area was binded collections of published scientific papers so it was the most empty floor as well, not many people browsing those shelves. Besides, this area had no computers either, which helped keeping empty of people. My spot was close to a window where you could see part of the plumbing system of this building, it was very comfy.
I would pick up like 8 or 9 books and build a small tower by my side on the table and spend many hours just going through those volumes. This was a time I was very interested in Philosophy so many of the books I read was about that subject. I kinda regret now that my interest for horror and Victorian novels was still dormant during that period of my life because my spot would be perfect to read that stuff. Another thing I wish I had back then was a smartphone to use the internet or even read shit online but phones were way more expensive and shitty back then. I guess if I had internet access from my pocket I would had spend a lot more hours in there.
This is back when my parents still thought I was going to become a functional member of society if I went to college but nowadays I don't even leave the house anymore. Plus my brother moved away so I have a room for myself. There 's really no point to step outside and go to a library anymore in my situation. Still, good times.

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40 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-09 08:41 [Del]

My town's library is too crowded to enjoy it. I can't really read either.

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