Whats the difference between fantasy and fiction? (16)

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Fiction follows real world rules, but has a made up story. Fantasy is when everything is completely made up and has not grounding in the real world. Magic, fairies, and mythical creatures only exist in fantasy.

A good way to dissect this is to look in the sci-fi/fantasy world. Star Wars makes no attempt to explain any of their technology, the space tech just exists to facilitate the story. How does warp drive work? How can a tiny ship travel from star system to star system? Who cares, it just happens. This is fantasy. Oh the other hand, Star Trek goes into detail about its anti-matter engine and has certain laws that limit their maximum warp travel. This is fiction. There is a spectrum of sci-fi though, from hard to soft. Hard sci-fi is completely grounded in the world we live in, but has that one little thing that makes it possible to allow people to travel across the galaxy. That is actually how the real world works, we could travel faster than light if we were able to produce matter with a negative mass. As far as we know, that is impossible so anything that makes use of that foreign matter is fiction.

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I guess it depends on the context, right? Do you want to expand on that?

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Fiction is a story in which all or some of it is made up, fantasy is a subgenre of fiction which concerns the fantastical. Usually this is something that conflicts with real world logic and rules, and because of this historical trend most "fantasy" is considered to be the likes of magical lands like lotor. However it can still extend to settings with any level of fantasy in them. What exactly qualifies as fantasy is not set in stone though, so you can use your own judgement about that one.

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>>2 So,is...say Mount and Blade,is it medieval fantasy or medieval fiction?

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All fantasy is fiction but not all fiction is fantasy.

Not all fiction contain fantastical elements to its narrative. A good fiction book with no fantastical elements would be Dead Souls. All the characters and mechanisms developing the plot is grounded in real world concepts. A fantasy book would be The Lord of the Rings where several characters and plot points are of fantastical nature.

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Why do so many people have the idea in their heads that fiction is a subgenre of fiction?

I never saw this until going on reddit, and now this thread.

In school we had it pounded into our heads that all writing was either fiction or non-fiction, and the distinction was that fiction was anything made-up, and non-fiction was anything real. And then eventually you realize that fiction's anything set in a setting that is in the subset of things created by man, and that non-fiction was just innocent human commentary on anything in the superset of all things (created by God), and thus the actual world, and so that fiction is a set of any created works which are sinful, being works that were forbidden in Exodus 20:4 "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." And to stay away from those degenerate works of man like the plague they are.

It is just strange to me that people are now making a distinction for fiction within itself. I wonder whether they are attempting to get out of the academic responsibility of reading fiction by turning it into just another consumerist genre. Or do people not learn the hard distinction in scholols anymore? It wouldn't surprise me if scholols themselves were trying to make fiction into just another genre, in order to control you as nigger cattle.

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I didn't mean to imply that you were stupid or malintentioned btw. I mean to ask whether the big "They" are doing it.

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Who are the big "They"? Haha that totally sounds like it could be some crazy world controlling cabal or something. Please tell me more because I totally don't know what I'm hinting at and I'm totally not just another anonymous coward political and social aggrivator ie: useless, take-more-than I-give, TROLL and LEECH.

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