Whats the difference between fantasy and fiction? (16)

2 Name: Anonymage : 2015-10-19 22:24 [Del]

Fiction follows real world rules, but has a made up story. Fantasy is when everything is completely made up and has not grounding in the real world. Magic, fairies, and mythical creatures only exist in fantasy.

A good way to dissect this is to look in the sci-fi/fantasy world. Star Wars makes no attempt to explain any of their technology, the space tech just exists to facilitate the story. How does warp drive work? How can a tiny ship travel from star system to star system? Who cares, it just happens. This is fantasy. Oh the other hand, Star Trek goes into detail about its anti-matter engine and has certain laws that limit their maximum warp travel. This is fiction. There is a spectrum of sci-fi though, from hard to soft. Hard sci-fi is completely grounded in the world we live in, but has that one little thing that makes it possible to allow people to travel across the galaxy. That is actually how the real world works, we could travel faster than light if we were able to produce matter with a negative mass. As far as we know, that is impossible so anything that makes use of that foreign matter is fiction.

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