What are you doing for yourself this year? (21)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-09 01:21 [Del]

What I'm doing:

  • Developing a healthy lifestyle routine: diet, exercise, edible gardening
  • Developing a positive psychology seminar program to spread happiness
  • Planning a organ donation related non-profit
  • Writing a research paper on the attitudes of smokers to a tobacco industry regulation
  • Working towards a master's degree in epidemiology
  • Lobbying my university to convert a pub it owns into a sober, recovery-oriented space for addiction, a mental health clubhouse
  • Going through the recruiting process for a military intelligence officership with a foreign ally
  • Fleshing out my future career trajectory with 80,000 Hours, a career counselling service for people who want to do the most positive impact on the world that they can with what remains of the 80,000 hours of working life they have
  • Learning to Salsa, and meeting people while doing it
  • Social circle 'game'
  • Organising a conference about high impact philanthropy
  • Party politics
  • Attending a mental health clinic for personality, depression and anxiety difficulties

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4 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-09 07:39 [Del]

  • Leave Wizchan
  • Stop giving a fuck about normans
  • Get rich or die tryin

5 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-09 10:24 [Del]

>and meeting people while doing it
>Social circle 'game'


6 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-09 15:52 [Del]

Visiting Hong Kong
Getting a new and hopefully better job

7 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-09 22:34 [Del]


8 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-11 12:19 [Del]

He'll be back.

9 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-14 18:02 [Del]

I'm going to kill myself this year hopefully and in a spectacular fashion.

10 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-17 12:25 [Del]

Is this some kind of joke, like >>3 implied?

I mean, have you ever done anything similar to the things you just posted?
I cannot imagine someone who's browsing wizardchan (or even 4chan for that matter) to be able to organize conferences and build mental health clinics.
It sounds like the list of a megalomaniac.

Any way, what are my plans for this year?
I hope to recover from my mental health issues. If that happens, everything else will be easy.
Last year I made some significant improvements, and I was living normally for the first time in my life.
I was able to think clearly, make decisions, eat healthy, interact with people etc etc.
But all my progress stopped when a serious problem resurfaced, and I went back to being a pathetic NEET.

I hope that I'll fix it again, and this time permanently. I got a taste of what real life feels like, and it's pretty fucking awesome.

11 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-20 06:22 [Del]


OP here, I am a megalomaniac. These delusions of grandeur come and go. eh, I'm suprised more wizards aren't like that.

12 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-20 13:54 [Del]

Watch some more anime, maybe get into books a bit more.

13 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-20 17:49 [Del]

To be honest, I had such delusions myself for a long time (although more technology/science oriented and typically a bit more down to earth, although not always).
After a period of losing all hope, now I'm starting to see more clearly what's feasable and what's not, still from a fairly pessimistic point of view.
During the long time I've been a NEET I was researching various things for fun, and I had plenty of ideas, some of which might actually be worth actuallizing.

This kind of fantasies are a defence mechanism.
You need to see yourself for who you actually are, not who you could be or who you might become.

14 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-21 04:49 [Del]


>You need to see yourself for who you actually are, not who you could be or who you might become.

And who are you to define who he "really" is or not? It is not "realism", it is self-depreciating normie bullshit, normie because you are trying to impose normie discourse on him, namely that wizards are "objectievely" weak-minded, submissive, stupid etc. and "must" feel that way. Why? I don't know. But I know that separating oneself from small-minded fools and the weak (if they feel that way, let them be) by merely recognizing that you have a destiny gives alone you authority to tread where others would fear to go.

And even if it's "delusional", that delusions costs him nothing and he surely prefers to be happy.

15 Name: Anonymage : 2016-02-21 06:16 [Del]

skETTOF ya b***************StERDs

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17 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-13 03:32 [Del]

Preparing for a successful 2020.
-Focusing on my mental health
-Focusing on my physical health
-Learning some basic skills
-Learning some life skills
-Learning how to slowly start living on my own
-Hoping to manage to find a source of income through work, etc
-Plan on finally working on my depression/anxieties
-Hoping I can do better towards learning how to drive
-My goal for the end of 2020 is to move out on my own and leave my area for a better future.

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19 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-09 07:48 [Del]

That's a neat trick to do bullet points...

  • like this?
  • I haven't done anything for myself in between the time this thread was posted and now.

*My answer to your thread is made up on the spot to satisfy the conditions of posting in your thread.

  • I will learn to use a panini press this year
  • I will clean the latte machine i got for my birthday six years ago and learn to make lattes with it.
  • I will serve myself a delicious panini and latte brunch on the 21st of some month.

20 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-09 07:49 [Del]

*next year

,my bad

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