Why are there so many assholes on wizardchan? (16)

7 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-04 23:12 [Del]

The hostility does not come from outsiders. The hostility comes from the mentality that the site is full of outsiders.
If you think who you're talking to came straight from elsewhere, the reaction is going to be hostility; "Get the fuck out /cow/ invader" and that's what happens.

Especially since there ARE outsiders. If they see you acting hostile they'll copy you. Treat other posters like how you'd treat a wizard, even if you suspect they may not be one.

The non-wizard infiltration philosophy is like this: They don't belong here, but they know it and so will leave to go somewhere else. If they can't get any enjoyment out of trolling wizards they'll leave.

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