Anxiety before job interview (18)

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How does everyone else prepare for job interviews? I've only been to one before, and it makes me so nervous.

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I just force myself to get it over with. Leading up to it is a feeling of dread so strong there really is nothing to do about it.

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What the other guy said. Just strap yourself in and brace for impact.

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booze, benzos... thats why i dont actually work, im too fucked up

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Prepare. Last job interview I went to I'd prepared answers to a huge list of questions and tried to memorise the answers to them. Especially for the awkward questions, like future ambitions, or why you want to work there.
Job interviews are the normalfags' game and you have to play by their rules. Knowing about the company earns points, showing that you've done some research about the company, what they do, and such. Also know what you've got in your resume. You'll be grilled on it.
And for the job requirements, you'll be asked about various things in that, too.
Remember that the job interview starts when you walk into the building, not when you sit down. Initial impressions matter almost as much as the rest of the interview.

I understand the anxiety since I get it in spades. The only thing that calms me down is preparation.

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Fuck man that sounds god awful. How do you even force yourself into doing all that bullshit just for a soulcrushing wageslave position?

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I dont prepare i just talk a lot of bullshit at the top of my head and act all engauging asking them questions and saying how great and fuckin qualified iam.

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Choose one

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wizard and hiki aren't synonymous. it just so happens that they coincide frequently.

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I can't contain your logic, it seems too normie.

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Never have to but i'd probably do what >>7 has done, considering that's what i do for any time i gotta go out.

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