Why are imageboards like 4chan or 8chan so hostile? (138)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-08 10:02 [Del]

I know this sounds stupid but still. Why is 4chan/8chan so fucking hostile? Everyone there is a emotionless asshole who gets a kick of trolling or insulting other posters just because. Why is the environment so antisocial there? I hope wizardchan will not end like those shit sites. Not to mentioned how many bragfags exist there that brag about how many succubi they have slept with or simply post succubi pics 24/7 there. Why does a imageboard end that fucking bad? Are they meant to be like that?

2 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-08 10:57 [Del]

Norms. Nothing more.

3 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-08 15:38 [Del]

They're anonymous (people don't have to worry about reputation), lightly moderated (you won't get punished for being a dickhead), and crowded (causes people to seek attention).

>Nothing more

You don't actually believe that do you?

4 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-08 22:10 [Del]

dont talk to me or my son again

5 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-09 00:27 [Del]

Yea whatever, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out, John

6 Name: Anonymage : 2016-05-09 01:11 [Del]

did you just talk to me

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8 Name: Anonymage : 2016-11-11 14:32 [Del]

Why do imageboards like 4chan and 8chan not have textboards?

9 Name: Anonymage : 2016-11-11 15:01 [Del]

4chan used to have text boards.
I don't think 8chan ever had such a thing.

10 Name: Anonymage : 2016-11-11 16:18 [Del]

8chan has the option of text-only boards, and then with custom css you could make something that looks like a traditional textboard. In fact i found one: /txt/

11 Name: Anonymage : 2017-01-29 07:57 [Del]

This is exactly why I cannit stand browsing those sites. There is nothing wrong with enforcing a certain standard of politeness which those boards fail to do.

I think the worst decline comes from allowing short, snarky low effort greentexts that are meant to denigrate people's opinions or make them feel stupid or uninformed.

You know the type, the people who greentext one word or statement of an otherwise well meaning post.

12 Name: Anonymage : 2017-02-10 17:03 [Del]

8chan in early 2014 wasn't very hostile. It became progressively worse as more people came from 4chan and their culture took over.

13 Name: Anonymage : 2017-02-10 18:53 [Del]

8chan would never have become a viable alternative in terms of traffic if not for the exodus. It's past its prime now though, and Cripplekike isn't even involved anymore. With how the whole site basically has been normalfag /pol/ for a while, I have to thank my lucky stars every time I open up Wizchan. It's like a breathe of fresh air. I will say 8chan still has the /kind/est board.

14 Name: Anonymage : 2017-02-12 05:19 [Del]

cripplekike is dead

15 Name: Anonymage : 2017-02-18 09:26 [Del]


He can't die, he strong boy!

16 Name: Anonymage : 2017-02-19 18:19 [Del]

back to 8shit

17 Name: Anonymage : 2017-03-09 04:17 [Del]

I am hostile because humans lie a lot and always trying to fuck up each other for the sake of training.

18 Name: Anonymage : 2017-03-11 15:32 [Del]

Because hostility is allowed. It's as simple as that.

19 Name: Anonymage : 2017-03-31 11:07 [Del]

Filter out the whiny.
Filter out the vulnerable.
Filter out wimps wanting hug boxes.

Break the circle and there is no circlejerk.

20 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-01 03:45 [Del]


21 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-06 18:22 [Del]

It was always like that, except for the braggers part. They had an intensive "Internet hate machine" style of community, and this is not bad, in fact it is partially good, because it scared normalfags away from 4chan for many years.

22 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-08 05:29 [Del]

Norms weren't scared because of that. They were scared because they heard the 4chan was a website where people posted gore and CP constantly. Being an asshole to people (especially over the internet) is typical normalfag fanfare.

23 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-11 02:04 [Del]

hahaha whatever

24 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-12 01:31 [Del]

I can enjoy some hostility to an extent, but over the years it has reached an unacceptable level. /pol/, /r9k/, and gamergate have left a deep and nasty scar on 4chan and some other imageboards. The use of social media memes, ubiquitous baiting, hating anime, not lurking, misusing old terms like weeb, taking pride in shitposting and thinking that imageboards are only for shitposting, and always bringing politics into unrelated matters has reduced the posting quality so much that I wish I could disconnect from the internet and stop using 4chan. Finally, as a final twist of the knife, trying to talk sense into these fools make it so that you're labelled as an angry autist (as if that word has any meaning anymore) who's shitposting.
I hope one day that these problems will regress, but I doubt it until the moderation wises up. At least I have lainchan and wizchan.

25 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-12 12:22 [Del]

Its just gonna gets worse with 12 yo kids browsing smartphones nowadays. Why? because typing long effort and quality post on touchscreen is ridiculously much harder than keyboard. Mostly they'll just amount to meaningless wordl like "smh", tbh fam and all that other shit

26 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-12 15:06 [Del]

You're right; it's another reason why the posting quality has dropped so much.
What confuses me is why desktop users feel the need to use those stupid acronyms and abbreviations; it hardly saves time as long as you can type faster than a mentally challenged dog. Why do they need to declare they're being honest? Such meaningless phrase to use. And what the fuck is fam(ily)? Who the fuck came up with such a stupid word to call others? I'd rather be called "bro" at this point.

27 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-13 06:38 [Del]

When you have a tiny community, all the members feel like the other's are special, everyone feel like anyone is like himself. But when you have a community like 4chan an 8ch, with thousands of users, any member is just one of the many.

28 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-13 07:06 [Del]

Community wizard.


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30 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-13 11:45 [Del]

What's wrong?

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41 Name: Anonymage : 2017-04-30 17:03 [Del]


>At least I have lainchan

I do not trust anyone who enjoys a place like that. It is full of nasty, nasty, NASTY people. No place for a wizard.
Just have a look at this https://lainon.photos/

42 Name: Anonymage : 2017-05-01 23:02 [Del]

Wow I didn't know there were so many succubi in lainchan.
And I do agree. Especially these days, lainchan is absolute trash. With all the mod drama, the split, the very heavily political focus of the site.
I also remember once some guy made a thread about isolating from society and the thread was attacked with people calling hermits "losers who can't deal with social interaction".
I liked lainchan when it started, but for several months now it has been steadily dropping in quality.

43 Name: Anonymage : 2017-05-05 18:19 [Del]

While I didn't know about this abomination, https://lainon.photos/, lainchan is one of the few imageboards with enough traffic to reasonably discuss tech with. I don't talk about anything wizardly on there because that's not what I go there fore. Sadly, as >>42 points out, the quality has been dropping. Though I think the political bullshit is subsiding. (And they won't have a board dedicated to it anymore.)

44 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-14 17:17 [Del]

Anybody who takes issue with the hostile social environment on other imageboards probably doesn't belong here

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46 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-26 09:27 [Del]

To me one of the worst parts is how subtle and malicious those are. They are like snakes. They have no respect for the anonymous culture. I was on otachan just a while ago, and saw a "My trip to Tokyo!" thread on the front page with several replies. On the thread, a more serious otaku replied go away norm. And the OP and others orbiting him started talking about how complaining about the "My trip to Tokyo!" thread is a blogpost, but the thread itself is acceptable and so on. It is humiliating to see these people taking over every single piece of the internet. I have begun considering just turning off my computer, and keeping myself to my own company. None of pseudo wizards, none of the neurotypicals, just me and my mind.

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48 Name: Anonymage : 2017-10-25 03:15 [Del]

My hypothesis:

4chan/8ch was adopted a while ago by normies as a place to say whatever the fuck you want without restrictions, specially the past year with USA elections. And well, those people invaded everything, causing that the originals went to another place or adapt theirselves to the new fashions.

Probably that's because most of the textboards remained intact; we never were as big as be in TV or something simillar, therefore all of us are still here, friendly as usual.

49 Name: Anonymage : 2017-10-31 19:52 [Del]

Mods remove my ban. Stop bullying me. You know thats not justified.

50 Name: Anonymage : 2017-10-31 23:32 [Del]

They'll do as they please to you. And all you can do is plead to them, and they'll laugh and do it anyway. Like police officers in America.

51 Name: Anonymage : 2017-11-01 03:39 [Del]

Only mods can ironic gay post i guess.
Ive been browsing wizchan with a ban for like 3 months now.

52 Name: Anonymage : 2017-11-01 10:05 [Del]

I'm sure being one of the most prolific shitposters has nothing to do with it, right? Because chances are unless you're unvirgin that's the only reason you'd be banned without having had multiple second chances.

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56 Name: Anonymage : 2017-11-02 02:58 [Del]

nah your mod judgement is shid

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60 Name: Anonymage : 2017-11-03 07:30 [Del]

y'all need to grow some thicker skin

assholes are everywhere, so this is more of a general tip

61 Name: Anonymage : 2017-12-15 15:19 [Del]

your just feeling chanhurt that wizardchan is full of a whole bunch of 20-30 year old virgin men who jack off to porn and hentai.

Why the fuck do you think they are hostile.

4chan and 8chan have alone and sometimes togeather done the most astonishing things to society and the media.

I mean take it as the fucking trump election and everything else.

Also because of pedos

62 Name: Anonymage : 2017-12-15 15:30 [Del]

I don't really think 4chan/8chan had that much of an effect on the election.

63 Name: Anonymage : 2017-12-24 13:59 [Del]

On most of the internet you are not allowed to be as vulgar as you can be on anonymous imageboards because of strict rules, if you don't like the way people talk to each other on these sort of sites then literally every other website on the internet is an alternative for you.
I have never understood people like you who go to the only sites out there with actual freedom of speech and then demand that people pretend to like each other or else get banned like is the case on other more popular sites such as reddit or tumblr. I am fucking glad I have the ability to call someone a nigger or a retard if he posts something retarded because on most sites I would be permabanned for it. I'm not going to pretend I respect someone's retarded opinion such as yours if it's fucking retarded.
Besides, on 4chan outside of /b/ the rules regarding insults have also become stricter and on 8chan what kind of discussion is had really depends on the board owner since every board has different rules.

64 Name: Anonymage : 2017-12-24 14:41 [Del]

Why the fuck did my previous post get deleted?

65 Name: Anonymage : 2017-12-25 22:38 [Del]

"The Internet is not for sissies" - Paul Vixie

I actually remember it being more hostile back then, but also with more of a community feel, but that's of course because it was smaller in population back then.

66 Name: Anonymage : 2017-12-28 00:14 [Del]

There are a lot of angsty teens on there, also much secret club

67 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-08 03:37 [Del]

Anonynous means you can break social norms; most of the time, it means being an arsehole.

68 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-11 01:54 [Del]

Yep, anonymous means can say anything including bad things.

69 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-11 01:54 [Del]

Yep, anonymous means can say anything including bad things.

70 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-20 00:14 [Del]

They are hostile because they are afraid of being hurt, it's their filter for suffering

71 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-20 16:21 [Del]

The internet as a whole is a sewer. It's even more hostile than the real world in my experience. The only reason I'm on now is because the weather is shit and I don't have anything better to do. Once spring arrives, I'll go back to spending < 1 hour in these shithole chans.

72 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-21 06:39 [Del]

I can't post on wizchan, i press the post button and just see a loading screen...

73 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-21 06:39 [Del]

I can't post on wizchan, i press the post button and just see a loading screen...

74 Name: Anonymage : 2018-01-21 06:43 [Del]

I can't post on wizchan, i press the post button and just see a loading screen...

75 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-02 20:57 [Del]



76 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-02 22:33 [Del]


77 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-03 20:17 [Del]

Hey guys from bangladesh. And I'm new here. Where should I start?

78 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-03 20:17 [Del]

Hey guys from bangladesh. And I'm new here. Where should I start?

79 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-04 12:30 [Del]

Turn back now.

80 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-05 12:02 [Del]

lol, spring break feels nice, and i feel like wizchan is alot better than the other chans

81 Name: Anonymage : 2018-04-27 15:20 [Del]


82 Name: Anonymage : 2018-05-20 09:21 [Del]

Great thread. Thought I'd try add my two cents based on what I read without rereading any of it as I am using mobile.

Bona fide wizard here by the way and I am testing my powers after discovering this thread with some magic words.

So I'll start with the big one.

Speculate the wealths (think Venn diagram) of the Internet/Anonymous group intersecting old money/social elite.

If you got through that,
That took me quite a lot of editing. So I've lost the sense of what the conversation I'm contributing to is focussed on and will cease my contribution.

83 Name: Anonymage : 2018-05-21 12:53 [Del]

There, someone said it. Thank you. Now, this was all Internet I could bear today.

84 Name: Anonymage : 2018-07-15 19:09 [Del]

Daily reminder: everything is always already political. Pretending otherwise is self-deception.

85 Name: Anonymage : 2018-07-16 06:39 [Del]

But you can stop talking about it. I've read millions of things where the political dimension is ignored, as it should. I can also avoid telling you all about my poophole even though it's attached to me.

86 Name: Anonymage : 2018-07-16 14:27 [Del]


87 Name: Anonymage : 2018-07-17 22:29 [Del]


No, you haven't. You've read things where you've either ignored or been unaware of the political dimension. This is a flaw on your part as an inadequate reader.

88 Name: Anonymage : 2018-07-21 00:29 [Del]

Okay, I can accept it, but not inadequate for my purposes in reading.

89 Name: Anonymage : 2018-07-28 17:14 [Del]

To keep newfags like you away. Lurk moar.

90 Name: Anonymage : 2018-10-04 08:51 [Del]

it's not political if you opt-out of social interaction with normals that goes beyond trading

which saves you a fuckton of trouble because while wizards and normals are roughly equally shit there's a lot more of them than there are of us

91 Name: Anonymage : 2018-11-03 09:26 [Del]

Why are you such a thin-skinned, self-hating faggot, OP? If you can't deal with people in person, and you can't deal with people on the Internet, maybe you should turn off the computer and eat your tendies.

92 Name: Anonymage : 2018-12-31 07:48 [Del]

i lik 8chins ;^)

93 Name: Anonymage : 2018-12-31 16:43 [Del]

>To keep newfags like you away. Lurk moar.

That's it. Doesn't work though. Just act like an edgy little sarcastic dope and you fit right in everywhere.

And that's a GOOD thing!

94 Name: Anonymage : 2019-01-06 20:45 [Del]

I think it's because it's filled with high-school kids who want to pretend they're in on some secret club. It's hilarious to them and I'll admit I went through a time where I would just shitpost 24/7. It was the mental equivalent of crunchy potato chips if that makes sense. I found myself and other people shitposting so hilarious that I almost integrated 4chan speak into my real life. They eventually grow out of it and either migrate to another chan, go to reddit or forum websites or they just fuck off to the real world and live a life. I kinda slipped between the cracks there. Personally I just spend my time sleeping, drinking and hating my life. What initially got me out of that shitty edge spell aside from maturity was becoming a mod on the old wizardchan. I was able to see what the other side has to put up with and holy fuck the constant edgy troll posts and raid attempts were just stupid.

95 Name: Anonymage : 2019-01-07 00:13 [Del]

Why did you shitpost in high school? At 14 I was attempting to add something to discussion, sound constructive and structure the points to be correctly understood. Hilariously, I really believed that's how it works.

96 Name: Anonymage : 2019-01-08 13:30 [Del]

Only newfag teens behave like that because sites where they came from advertised imageboard as shitholes of the internet.

97 Name: Anonymage : 2019-01-10 06:08 [Del]

I actually started off trying to contribute to conversations and posts after the initial lurking phase. I’m not the brightest person and sometimes the things I say and type just come off as weird or strange so I tended to get ignored a lot. Having absolutely no friends in high school made me a pathetic attention seeker to the highest degree. When I started to shitpost I began to get replies and reactions, sometimes people would shitpost alongside me and sometimes I’d get people so upset I could almost hear the angry inflections in their text. That became worse and worse until eventually I just took a step back and of all things decided to hosted a Minecraft server for a bit. Got my social points there and came back to the chans a little more mature and willing to just not care if anyone responds or reads. Then I became a wizchan mod and at that point I really never shitposted again. Not still a mod, that happened back on wizardchan and when Anachronos went mia and the site went down nobody on here remembered who I was, tried to reinstate but I couldn’t get back in.

98 Name: Anonymage : 2019-01-10 17:06 [Del]

4chan is full of normies.
8chan is full of pseudo intellectuals.
The only board that 8chan has that isn't bad is /kind/.

99 Name: Anonymage : 2019-02-10 10:37 [Del]

Try not to make too many threads and you have to check to catalog before making them. You don't need to lurk too much, this isn't 4chan, just make sensible, coherent and somewhat original replies.

100 Name: Anonymage : 2019-03-01 16:46 [Del]


101 Name: Anonymage : 2019-03-04 09:37 [Del]

I think the group benefit of emotional continence is the main goal of the "antisociality" you mention, OP. By forcing users to think critically rather than reacting to immediate stimuli, they learn how to stay calm under pressure and to see past even the smallest of manipulations. Identifying bait requires constant baiting, and rational discussions require coolheadedness, not upset. For the more intensely bitter posts I'd assume personal problems (like the need to drag everyone down to their level).

102 Name: Anonymage : 2019-03-26 06:21 [Del]

I don't understand it either. I know everyone who behaves that way has their own rationale for it. I've seen many of them attempt to explain it, just as I've seen everyone outside their circle try and rationalize it too. It's always a different explanation though. Maybe none of them are right, maybe all of them are. In the end, whatever the reasoning for their treatment of one another, I know this dissonance between they and I comes down to them having a different mindset then I do. That's why I let them be. I do believe in the freedom of speech, and I don't want to force anyone to change their behavior merely because it upsets me. But I don't understand why they go for one another's throats the second they have that freedom of speech. The concept of willingly treating another person as though they are waste is just so alien to me.

I've been hoping for years now that being exposed to the 8chan culture, but not responding to it, not partaking in it, and not complaining about it would help me grow thicker skin as well. Yet I still get just as pained as I did years ago when I see people treat one another like filth. I suppose thicker skin may not be something I'm able to attain. I don't know. It is what it is regardless. I still have reasons to use the site, so clearly I'm going to have to keep dealing with it if I'm wanting the content the site has to offer. After years of dealing with it though, I wanted somewhere to place my thoughts on the matter, and this board fit the bill well enough. I apologize to anyone who sits through what I have to say for wasting your time. I appreciate it, so thank you, but I apologize.

103 Name: Anonymage : 2019-03-26 23:12 [Del]

No need for an apology, and you're welcome.

104 Name: Anonymage : 2019-04-09 07:10 [Del]

I think that there was a certain productive generation in 4chan. But the mismanagement and shit like GG drove them off, they grew up, moved on, You'll never find them again, they're scattered to the wind. Some stopped off in 8chan for a while before leaving there too. It's all lost now.

105 Name: Anonymage : 2019-04-12 15:47 [Del]

4chan is an imageboard with plenty of boards free from that still somehow. it's basically the board rules which set the tone, loose or nsfw board rules generally lead to shit.

8chan isn't the same as 4chan, as it houses other imageboards, all with their own rules, and with boards all with their own rules. again the rules set the tone.

thats the simplest explanation i can think of.

106 Name: Anonymage : 2019-04-13 03:57 [Del]

8chan is filled with 4chan rejects and has plenty of mod bootlickers of its own. Not to mention the site is pretty much /pol/ incarnate and politics aside those are not people you want to be posting alongside for a good time.

It's not so much the rules as the board culture and the posters that uphold it and whether the janny is on their side as backup. General/random boards are always going to be harder to police because of the nature of their scope.

107 Name: Anonymage : 2019-04-13 19:38 [Del]

i agree with everything you say. i think the initial rules set the tone though. i'm not just discounting 8chan from having board that aren't entirely shit, also 4chan, but for different reasons for each.

108 Name: Anonymage : 2019-04-23 20:23 [Del]

I've noticed slower places are way nicer.
So my guess is that things get uglier the more the population grows.
The faster the content is going the more aggressive you have to be to get some attention.

109 Name: Anonymage : 2019-04-24 11:40 [Del]

Because there's an ongoing and neverending competition on how be less of a human being and impress the others with it.
Stay true and sincere to yourself and things you care about. All this noise and filth has no power.

110 Name: Anonymage : 2019-05-01 13:31 [Del]

I think it all boils down to the values of the individuals that make up the community. The reason why the communities are so hostile is because a significant portion of their userbase share certain traits. Egoism, sadism and a desire for "low" pleasure. By low pleasure I refer to easily attainable pleasure that doesn't involve any real work. Typical examples are drugs, watching funny videos on youtube and of course mocking strangers on the internet, because you enjoy seeing other people being made fun of or perhaps you get a kick out of putting people down; you feel powerful. Depression also results in a lack of empathy and increased focus on the self, so a depressed userbase doesn't make things better.

111 Name: Anonymage : 2019-05-04 15:59 [Del]

4chan and 8chan have an edgy "high school" esk demographic and usually the humor devolves into making fun of great tragedy in a really tasteless manner. like the recent Christchurch shooting.

112 Post deleted by moderator.

113 Name: Anonymage : 2019-07-04 20:38 [Del]

They're Americans with circumcised dicks. They can't be happy.

114 Name: Anonymage : 2019-07-06 09:00 [Del]

These seem to be the most plausible explanation. Not saying the other posts in this thread are wrong however I think size of population plus instituted rules and quality of moderation make up the main factors that determine the friendliness of a board. Even /b/ can be friendly with a low number of participants. Why? Because once the place is slow but you like the content\ topic\ idea of it you don't want to scare or disgust other users away so that place can continue to generate content. However if the population is so big that single users don't matter it's no issue to be rude as there are enough users that will keep coming and surely they adapt this rude behaviour so that they don't drown in a sea of aggressiveness. They have to show strength and so it's a catalyst of rude behaviour. Well and the fact that rules and moderation matters ironically can be seen through reddit where the tone is rather friendly and welcoming but also very restricted and hypocritical I'd say. Despite it's huge userbase reddit is not as rude as image boards. But that goes with the cost of anonymous and genuine free Speech and a rating system that makes all of it purpose an egoistical hunt for social points and status.

115 Name: Anonymage : 2019-07-26 21:17 [Del]

first post is always a test

116 Name: Anonymage : 2019-07-26 21:18 [Del]

why is that still the practice in the us? it's so barbaric and uncivilized

117 Name: Anonymage : 2019-07-29 09:06 [Del]

8ch.net/tower isn't hostile

118 Name: Anonymage : 2019-07-30 04:11 [Del]

Having browsed 8chan (mostly /tv/) regularly until about a year and a half ago, it's astounding how things have changed in such a small amount of time. Up until late 2017 or so I could funpost on /tv/ and have a reasonably enjoyable experience. Try doing that now and you'll be torn to shreds over minutiae. It's a constant regurgitation process of an ever-devolving maelstrom of short-attention-span memes. Posts are short and patterned. Conversation is long gone. Trolls are rampant and vicious. I think it results from recent further clamp downs on 4chan that I vaguely heard about causing another migration from there along with the migration from the closing of /r/the_donald and probably other places I know not of being consumed by censorship. This and the obvious shilling over the upcoming election, various forms of disinfo / social engineering and nastybots mixes together to produce an entirely unpleasant experience on the top boards. Too many newfags for the old guard to assimilate. Still good boards deeper down.hidden

>>114 too popular yes correct

119 Name: Anonymage : 2019-08-02 12:59 [Del]

Because of the kikel problem, obviously.

120 Post deleted by moderator.

121 Name: Anonymage : 2019-08-18 16:42 [Del]

There aren't any kikes in the wizchan discord, but I lost the link so can a kind soul post it here thanks

122 Name: Anonymage : 2019-08-19 10:47 [Del]

on popular sites with frequent post count, for areas with stuff being posted every second, there is a tendency to behave like a tribe of apes.

you do what everyone else is doing, like a stampede of animals, a big school of fish, a swarm of bugs.i

just look back to old /b/, twitch, and the comment section of most popular youtubers/online celebrities.

anonymity also plays a big part. going from 'nice post' to 'fucking kill yourself nigger faggot' is easy as 1-2-3 when you are anonymous. the barrier to posting also contributes toward either low or high quality duscussion. requiring usernames, captcha, signups, email, phone numbers, etc all slowly connect your online 'identity' with your real identity, which makes most people not be rude, otherwise their online identity (which they regard as real) is tarnished. when youre anonymous or the barrier to post is low enough, you dont have a connection with your posts, they are all Anonymous.

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129 Post deleted by moderator.

130 Name: Anonymage : 2019-09-11 16:27 [Del]

I think part of it has to do with group dynamics and each poster's self image. The people who end up on imageboard are for lack of a better word, losers, but that is not something they can accept. Most of them connect their sense of self esteem to their status in society. In the real world, they know they are losers, they are reminded of this at every turn and they hate it, but on the internet, they can be whoever they want to be. Suddenly the only thing that matters anymore is the argument on the screen, now that literally everything else has been stripped away, so all they have to do is prove that they are "right" and "win" the argument and they have validated themselves. Much of what they obsess around revolves around race because it's the one easy thing that takes no effort that they can point to and claim superiority over everyone else with.

The thing about imageboards though is that you're not posting in isolation. It is a social group, so you get a lot of people together all looking to prove that they're right and if they can find something to agree upon like their obvious racial superiority then it's a safe space because you know you will always have other people like you there to back you up. In order to avoid the bad feelings of being the loser, the weak ones who are dominated by others in their day to day life, they band together to viciously attack anyone who threatens their unearned sense of superiority. If there are enough of the thugs and they are vicious enough in their attacks, eventually anyone who disagrees with them will just stop posting and they can strut around and proclaim victory and pat each other on the back for their intellectual superiority and fine debating skills. They thrive on these conflicts, going so far as to invent new conflicts that they can easily win by pretending to be deranged SJW or something. They literally just spend all day in a masturbatory frenzy of fighting phantom enemies that they project on each other so they can feel better about themselves. It's become an addiction, a source of narcissistic supply that also feeds their need to feel like part of a group that's fighting together as one. They are lonely and looking for acceptance and they do what they need to fit in, to show that they are one of the dominant in-group on the site, this takes the form of repeated hostile attacks on "the other".

In the end the content just gets bland and repetitive since there's only a small amount of "safe" things to post which they just post over and over again to masturbate to endlessly to until they go completely insane from the feedback loop and end up with an AK-47 in a walmart parking lot or a church or soemthing.

131 Name: Anonymage : 2019-09-12 01:57 [Del]

Shutup nigger

132 Name: Anonymage : 2019-09-12 02:06 [Del]

Nice psychodrivel, professor IQ of a Nigger.

133 Name: Anonymage : 2019-09-12 12:42 [Del]

A whole novel just to say that you're a leftist trying to subvert our community. Pathetic.

134 Name: Anonymage : 2019-09-12 15:33 [Del]

Yeah, it's very unfortunate. I miss the earlier days of the internet, everything was so much more lighthearted and goofy. There were no social filters on the internet, so people weren't afraid to act like what would now be considered "cringe" or "randumb". As time went on, however, and particularly with the advent of smartphones, the internet got opened up to normalfags, and they brought their social shaming with them. For them, the lack of a social filter meant that they could act like the absolute cunts they try to restrain themselves from being in real life.

With regards to 4chan in particular, when it started to grow really popular and become a powerful cultural force online, it exhibited a lot of that silliness I was referring to before--early 4chan would be considered profoundly "cringe" to modern audiences. However, people there started to notice outside websites (like Reddit, 9gag, etc.) start adopting their memes and mannerisms, which were often times butchered or reused well past the point of their initial popularity--they became "uncool". As a result, and particularly owing to its "sekrit klub" mentality, 4chan started to adopt a counter-culture to places like Reddit, since nobody wanted to be associated with those websites, and this resulted in a transition to a significantly more serious, cynical, and ironic tone over time, which eventually trickled out to the rest of the internet. Throw the normalfag influx into the mix, and that's where we're at today. Everything is an angry no-fun zone.

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136 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-07 08:09 [Del]

I think you're overthinking it. 4chan and 8chan just don't moderate flaming. Assholes make other people around them angry so they stoop to their level, and anyone not interested in flaming leaves cause that's the only thing it's good for anymore.

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