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1 Name: Anonymage : 2017-01-27 10:28 [Del]

Why do the moderation team & Admin refuse to ban western content or at least western animation if most of the community and THEY themselves dont want it in the site anyways? Seems to me they only want to promote drama. Same with the porn thread, because if not, the board would be stagnated and will have less new posts and the new posts will be made by the same regulars and no discussion would take place, at least not fast paced ones.

They would probably delete this thread even.

2 Name: Anonymage : 2017-01-28 14:30 [Del]

What's wrong with trying to give wizards who prefer Western a fair shake? Do you want the mods to be draconian? There are better things to ban anyway like all drug discussion because it's normbait. If you wanted more people to read this thread, you would have been better off posting it on /meta/.

3 Name: Anonymage : 2017-01-28 17:11 [Del]

What is the duty of the moderation? To bend to the will of the majority whatever it might be or to offer a place for wizards to the best of their abilities even if they are a minority?

4 Name: Anonymage : 2017-02-05 10:21 [Del]

I actually like both western cartoons and anime a good deal. There is no need to ban western. It only becomes a problem when it is posted where it shouldn't be (such as /jp/). This isn't a Japanese-focused site where banning western would be necessary.
There are higher priorities, such as the previously mentioned drug discussion.

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6 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-07 09:34 [Del]

Is this about western porn, or do some people have something against all western animation?

It seems like he's planned to do extended, tactical releases (like the recent Joe Rogan thing) and as much as people are cynical about journalists, they probably best understand how public interest cycles work and some work with him to make Americans feel as grateful as they can do. I think he's a fighter more worried about what he can do than what he regrets.

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9 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-19 05:01 [Del]

Politicspammer, i've done it, i've done the final thing. :) See ya.

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