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(I'll start off the story. Try to keep any continuation of the story within two or so paragraphs.)

His eyes were closed but he could feel the orange hue pulsating against them, feel the mildly comforting warmth caress the limbs that he could still feel; No breeze though, not even a minor flutter within the atmosphere around him, as if he were laying down in a truly delightful vaccum, ofcourse his lungs didn't reflect this hypothesis, calm was his breathing but on every third or fourth exhale an almost inaudible wheeze would slip away from him.

The comforting orange change to that sickly colour, he heard that wretched noise, felt a shiver dance through him and knew that he would finally be forced to open his eyes to...

(Okay, now it's your turn, have fun chums)

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... a truly massive globe-shaped stationary drone, hovering some 20,000 feet above him in the sky.

The wealthier countries of the world each launched several of these monstrosities late last year to stand in for the sun and the moon, which are only rarely visible now in the many months since the warlocks launched their doomsday weapons.

While the drone can reasonably approximate the color and warmth of the sun, its version of the moon is an eerie pale green that provides little in the way of illumination or comfort. A small percentage of animals and humans have been driven to near madness by the drone's constant humming, while the others have become accustomed to it.

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He felt the need to rise from where he lay, despite how easy it was for his eyes to be locked onto and sucked into this false moon he knew what it signaled; he began to check over the bio-mechanical motley crew that was his body, from the base of his elbow, where his once jagged wound had now healed, to the tips of his fingers was an assortment of heavily scratched metallic plating only ceasing to show dull leds and the some pulsating some not wires and cables that allowed him to instruct the limb, a prosthetic following this theme was also on display where his legs and left eye used to be.

The feeling of regret for differing from the very warlocks that caused these injuries was expounded every time he looked over this body of his but he couldn't focus on these feelings for too long; after the warlocks had succeeded, a majority of the countries that could still function despite the manic outbreaks of the populous, all with even the most amateurish of magiks were hunted down and forced into military conscription for their respective countries, or as the media has deemed it, the "persuaded voluntary magik soldiery".

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He scanned the barren valley in front of him. The map on his Head-Up Display told him there had once been miles and miles of lush orange groves here. Were there even any warlocks left to see what their attacks had wrought? he asked himself. And how would they judge their operation now?

Norman governments had used the attacks as a pretext to settle old, unrelated geopolitical scores. Within hours of the initial blasts China had invaded Taiwan, claiming it had traced a warlock's IP to the island. And then Russia moved on China's lunar mining colony, declaring they had hard evidence that a Chinese security service operative had shipped bomb components from there to a warlock safe house near Nizhny Novgorod.

Of course he had predicted nearly all of this. He had told the warlock council that the attack would not be 100% successful, that humanity would live on, making life even worse for wizards around the world. He wondered if things could've been different. If he could've somehow persuaded the council to hold off making a move until new advances in explosives or nano-technology could ensure the complete destruction of the normalcattle. His body and the earth itself were now hulking wrecks, painful reminders of his failure.

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Suddenly, he feels an stinging pain on his head and wakes up. Inside his grass hut buried deep in the humid woods of the north, the old man sits on his hammock wondering what these devilish sights were. Was it madness, or visions sent by some mysterious muse? he couldn't know, after all, even after multiple lives worth in studies of practices long forgotten in the dreams of kings and gods, he had never seen such sight. The head aches, the strange dreams, seems like the sky itself has changed since he...

(ignore it if you like, but if we would write a story it should be about a classical wizard. I thought of fusing both worlds but this is the most I can write)

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(While I don't think this fits with the theme that has already been built up in throughout the previous posts, I do find it interesting and would be more than willing to participate in another community story with your post as the beginning, after all as far as I know there isn't a rule against two threads that are so unique in nature coexisting.)

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Let's let this story thread continue to unfold naturally.
So, the next wizzie should pick up the story from the end of post #6.

The wiz from post #7 should set up a new story thread, with a classic wizard theme.

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After completing the routine scan of the landscape before him and downloading instructions that popped up on the left-hand side of his HUD from those that he had still yet to see but could never disobey due to fear of being violently deactivated, he strained to take his first few steps, creaking as he did so, and headed towards the flashing circle stepping on broken datachips and spare wires as he did so, the instructions that he downloaded earlier stated as follows "Recruit hostile, if recruit=failure_state eliminate hostile."

The hum and stark shine of the orb followed him down through the tight alleyway as he descended into the city away from roof, commonly referred to as the sanctuary by locals, probably because the humming glare of the globe kept most of the creatures that had become accustomed to bowels of this city in the city.

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The message subsided along with the pulsating pain that had localized in his sinuses. The nasal bone fragments seemed to press hard against his cybernetic left eye, and a hot, wet glob of mucus fell out of his nose onto the concrete floor.
"What the?" Before he could finish the thought, a banjo jamboree exploded in his head and blew it the fuck out. Then a recording of the voice of the so-called President of what remained of the United-States, Barron Trump (sounds like a cross between John F. Kennedy and SHODAN);
"Cyber-Wizard, this is you president speaking. By the power invested in My Station through contract of your birth, you are hereby commandered by The United States Army. You are to serve as a vessel of awesome vengeance. Resistance is futile," the cacophanous banjo music exploded, and the temperature of his left eye instantly rose to a searing 218 degrees. "Do you accept the terms of your commanderment?"

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