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1 Name: Anonymage : 2017-05-18 20:51 [Del]

The need for superiority usually appears when a group of people join together to form a society. Superiority is usually determined by skills or other times from simply old age. You can see many examples in every social group that has ever existed.

Even now I am trying to feel superior by typing this nonsense. So how do you escape the feelings of wanting to feel superior? Detach yourself from the social group and the feeling will very likely disappear. Why would you want to do that? Because the feeling of superiority is fleeting, always making you chase after it. It's an endless and tiring chase.

Better to relax and enjoy what you have alone away from any social group that seeks to dominate you.

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2 Name: Anonymage : 2017-05-19 08:09 [Del]

Now we will go deeper into the subject of superiority and its relevance in Internet social groups.

People want to feel superior and the Internet gives the masses of inferior people their only chance at feeling superior. That is why you will see many people fight and peck at one another over seemingly pointless stuff. Such is their desire to taste the feeling of superiority.

Another thing they would do is identify themselves with a group binded together through similar ideas. That is the easiest way to feel superior. You can see many cases of that everywhere even here.

Therefore the sage advice here is to cast away social groups, smash apart the computers, and refrain from amassing knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Then for once the people will feel calm. Until that is done the people will reach on tiptoe for Wisdom, peck and claw for Superiority, and labor for the gain of Knowledge.

The road they take will surely lead them to peril.

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Really good posts.

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The feeling of superiority can seem harmless when you first encounter it. You might even happily submit to the superiority of another person now but the danger only reveal itself later when you are too far gone though not too late to banish it all. By happily submitting to other Superior people you are willingly corrupting yourself and your true inborn nature. Did you evolve to lick another persons feet? Cower before another persons presence? These are all artificial CHAINS created from your brain, they shouldn't become real to you.

So how do you banish it all? Detach yourself from the social groups. But that is easier said than done. Do not let the thought of being alone worry you. It is only when you are truly alone that you will return back to your true inborn nature before the corruption. Social groups exist to serve only one purpose, to allow the said group to propagate either physically or mentally like cancer.

Therefore the sage does nothing, seeks nothing, and achieves everything.

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6 Name: Anonymage : 2017-05-20 10:12 [Del]

Superiority is subjective. It is fetters and shackles born from the brains of Humans. To submit yourself to those you consider Superior is to wear the fetters and shackles. Only a fool would happily do so. To consider yourself Superior is to tie the balls and chains on your legs. Only a fool would happily do so. Though they think they are not it will become clear as the time goes on. Your freedom is at stake. Do you or do you not value your Freedom?

Therefore the sage casts off extremes, casts off excess, casts off extravagance. And in doing so the sage achieves emptiness the peak of Freedom.

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7 Name: Anonymage : 2017-05-21 16:51 [Del]

We will now move to a new Subject: The origin of Good and Evil.

People like to believe that Humans are evil at their core. An understandable belief no doubt considering the current state of Human affairs. Humans are not evil or good at their core, there is nothing at the core only emptiness. They can be persuaded to do what you consider "evil" or "good". That is called corrupting the pure Human with ideas of good and evil.

The people who seek to Reform something that is already Pure will only do harm. That has been the case for ages. The struggle to Reform and Reform the original Pure. And with each Reformation the Pure Human is forever changed into an impure human.

Therefore the sage weakens Ambitions, fills their bellies and empties their hearts, leads people away from wanting and knowing. And with that the natural order is not disrupted thus the Humans will remain Pure.

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To my readers:
I am going to stop and go back to doing nothing. I want to thank you guys for reading the thread. If it wasn't obvious to you yet all of what I've written is from Daoism hehehe. I really like daoism. So again thank you for reading.

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I should add that I was trying to emulate PBS with the donations hehehe. If you don't know what PBS is it's a TV station in the USA that asks for donations to keep it running. I haven't watched PBS in a long time but their, "This program was made possible through the donations from people like you" got stuck with me hehehe.

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i was really conscious of my superiority when i was around females that didn't talk much and people that were definitely stupid, cause i felt unconsciously superior to them and unfathomably inferior to everyone else. the idea of gloating was sick to me, but i caught myself talking to others like they were idiots in a way that they would feel conscious of and offended by. i don't even know how to begin controlling that.

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