depression (3)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-13 15:13 [Del]

feeling like seeing the world through the eyes of depression reveals and exposes the lies and truths of the reality we live in :( :( fuck being the best in the world i rather being average
fucking bullshit ass success fetish

2 Name: Anonymage : 2017-06-20 23:34 [Del]

Hope you can get autismbux and stay safe from the world

3 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-15 00:13 [Del]

The US is collapsing now.

How can you live if you want to get rich, but your conscience bothers you too much to pay taxes that fund wars, debt, and tyranny?

Americans want to live in a police state to feel safe, but do you really feel safe when you have no rights? Americans today must lie to have privacy and distrust people because they might be undercover police.

There are no indications that the elites are planning to end NSA wiretapping and no one is protesting tyranny, debt, wars, TSA groping, gun bans, forfeiture, indefinite detention without trial, extradjudicial assassinations, or CIA torture.

The US economy is a house of cards.

Do you think that record debt and the record stock market are a coincidence?

Do you really believe that your bank account cannot be zeroed out, your bank will not close, and your ATM card will always work?

If you have been watching the US decline over the past 35 years, you must reach a point where you just can't take anymore.

Americans may know about the collapse, but they seem to lack a sense of urgency about preparing.

Americans shouldn't just buy a gun. Americans should buy 10 guns today. Americans shouldn't just buy a 3 day supply of food. Americans should buy enough food to last a year now.

There's no hope for the USA. The US is no longer a democracy and the voting machines can be hacked.

The only thing the government understands is force. Nothing will change in the US until politicians start fearing for their lives.

Americans need to start thinking out of the box.

Americans should research buying sailboats, farms, and islands and getting a 2nd passport.

One way to resist the US collapse is to start a new country.

The Free State Project set a goal to have 20,000 Libertarians move to New Hampshire.

Tuvalu has population of 10,000 so if 20,000 Libertarians moved there, Libertarians could vote for laws that favored freedom, balanced budgets, and peace.

Americans should consider living in places with porous borders.

Americans could live in uninhabited places like the Amazon, Siberia, or unclaimed places.

Start a commune or a monastery.

Americans who think that the US collapse is due to illegal immigrants should make movies and start websites, newspapers, and magazines or white rights associations.

Racists might be safer if they stayed anonymous, spoke in code, and portrayed their magazines politically correctly as European Christian magazines instead of Nazi and KKK publications. Avoid hiring Jews. Publish articles about morality, balanced budgets, freedom, and peace. Praise places like Poland and Montana and criticize places like Detroit and Kenya. Consider using volunteers and distributing issues for free.

Pass the word.

Americans need to start making huge sacrifices now if they want to have any future.

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