Why is this board so unpopular? (69)

36 Name: Anonymage : 2018-10-29 20:14 [Del]

I wish it was more popular. Sure you can browse wizchan with no images but somehow it's not the same thing. It doesn't manage to carry the same mood of this place even though browsing it with no images makes it effectively a textboard. I think this board's content is really separate from the ib culture we have in wizchan.I think that's what it is. Wizchan has become a battlefield of forces I really don't relate to one bit. All the talk about crabs, true wiz, politics and there's always someone lurking to start an argument over something stupid but harmless someone posted. Just because it's an easy argument to attack. I've seen plenty of that. You have some guy posting something silly and gets immediately jumped by some other person taking the post very seriously and trying to start an argument from it. Even glancing through that sort of shit is exhausting, I can't image how people have the energy to actually write and post a reply over something harmless and silly. And that's on Wizchan, a place filled with low energy individuals supposedly. I guess many people here are not exactly low energy, they just use their energy in all the wrong ways but that's for another topic.

But yeah it's pretty sad this place is not more active. I don't think there's much one can do about, like others pointed out textboards really didn't take off on this side of the pond. I think the possibility of replying to content with one image as a reaction made ibs very attractive and at the same time very shitty. I just wish I had somewhere to go online to read interesting, introspective posts all day long if I feel like it. Posts like that seem to appear once in a blue moon.
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