US has been downgraded to a 'flawed democracy' (123)

38 Name: Anonymage : 2019-12-20 06:05 [Del]

It always seems to come down to "freedom and basic human rights," but I've found those concepts to be very vague and inconcrete. They can be applied to mean just about anything. Ignoring the intangible idealisms of it all, the tangible effects of democracy are far less appealing to me. These effects are,

Democracy lacks of any form of long term planning. As soon as a new administration takes over, the plans and promises of the previous administration are abandoned. Any agreements made between the previous administration and any foreign power are also put at risk, as all parties seem to like to scrap the work of their opposition out of spite, alone. Besides being counter productive, it's also just downright insulting to other nations who find themselves betrayed by a sudden cancelling of a deal which the new administration no longer feels themselves beholden to.

Democracy is divisive. Talk to anyone who supports any party and they will gladly tell you all the reasons why they think their country would be prospering if all for the influence of their dreaded opposition. They all dream for the collapse of their opponents, but ironically, the existence of opposing political parties is the very foundation of democracy. People scream for democracy as they undermine the very system that makes it democratic.

Democracies empower the ignorant. It's sad, but true. Fact is, while we all deserve equal rights, we're not all worthy of equal responsibility. Some people are just idiots. Rather than holding morons to the same standard as the enlightened, a meritocratic system should be put in place as to empower the capable over the popular. A system such as China's.

Since democracy empowers the popular over the proficient, a lot of dangerously deluded people get into power. The separation of church and state crumbles, and superstitious nutjobs take hold of the country. Secularism can find no haven, and science becomes a political tool. Religion rules over all. Just look at the Hong Kong protestors, they're practically proclaiming divine mandate.

Considering how democracy has turned politics into a circus show and driven statecraft into the ground, I can hardly see why anyone would find it desirable. The idealisism of it is just that, idealism, and nothing more. The only people who benefit from the system are the demagogues, and I believe that it is these demagogues who have ensured that democracy is enshrined and kept sacred such that even questioning it's effectiveness has become taboo. This fear against questioning is also ironic, as the ability to freely question is one of the values upon which democracy is supposedly founded and one of the reasons why people claim it to be superior to the alternatives.

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