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At the beginning of his life, the mouse was entirely dependent on his mother. He was blind, so he could not see the path out of the rotting crawlspace into the kitchen. He was hairless, so he could not venture far beyond the warm next. He hated this.

"I'm going to grow up faster than any of my brothers and sisters, and I shall find peace and comfort on my own," the mouse said. And so he did not. As the runt of the litter, he left the last. His brothers and sisters laughed when they saw him in the kitchen at last. He hated this.

"I'm going to find the most delicious cheese before any of my brothers and sisters, and I shall grow stronger than any of them," the mouse said. And so he did not. The old lady who stocked the kitchen had died, and his brothers and sisters left nothing for him in the pantry. He hated this.

"I'm going to leave this place before any of my brothers and sisters, and I shall discover the perfect place for me, where I can be happy," the mouse said. The mouse crawled down to the kitchen floor.

"Oh, the runt had better be careful. The old lady's cats have finished eating her corpse, so they have become quite hungry," said the brothers and sisters to one another.

And so the mouse crept through the kitchen, down the hall, and began to climb the front door so as to slip through the overflowing mail slot. However, he was too weak to climb the door. He heard the tinkle of a bell coming down the hallway towards him. He hated this.

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cool story

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sad story

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based story poster

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Based based poster.

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When I first arrived in Alexandria people were concerned about a gorge slaves found while constructing the foundations of a builing. The smell, they said and indeed I could sense it when I arrived, was awful, a stench as if a million men vomiting all the contents of their stomach night and day nonstop. One could not walk around the streets without a heavy cloth over one's nose and mouth. All windows around town were closed and people were thin and sickly looking for their appetite was mostly gone, like my own. At night we could hear wailing coming from the Vomiting Gorge (that's how people called it then) and none of the locals would dare come near it. There was a strange movement around town during those days. Alexandria's inhabitants would abandon their homes and lands as they couldn't live near the gorge anymore and many would kill themselves, hanging on trees or anywhere high enough. It's true what they said, everyday wheelbarrows filled with suiciders would parade around town, sometimes whole families would vanish this way. At first the king ordered graves to be dug for each person, then one for each family, then mass graves and finally, because the work would take a lot of men and men unwilling, amd because the earth in this region is hard and packed, people began tossing all the corpses into the gorge itself. Many saw this as a dangerous act. We did in fact knew nothing about the gorge then. Dropping dead bodies into the chasm was, it's true, a contributing factor to our doom later that year. Others saw as an act of justice. There was a lot of talk about the dead ones, that it couldn't be considered suicide at all but homicides carried on by the miasma coming out of the gorge, traveling around town like as an invisible horror, making people mad and sick. A lot of people were leaving town and for good reason, but we also got lots of turists, weirdly enough. People would come from all parts of the crumbling empire to visit the famous Vomiting Gorge. Later on it became a known pilgrimage destination point. Men and women would come all dressed in black with their heads covered in rags and pray on location, each to a different god or gods. They called it the throad of gods. The land itself began to die and nothing woud grow within several Lessa around it. That's when the King ordered to be sealed shut. Little did we know that was only the beginning of our problems. What happened was

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Good story. Makes me wish it kept going, but then the mystery would be answered.

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The same day the king sent piles of earth and rock from around the gourge back to the capital, an interesting event took place by the yard of the old church ruins. A man called Diodorus jumped over the iron fence in the most inefficient manner imaginable, cutting his hands and face while doing it, as well as his clothing. His shirt was dirty from the blood that poured out from his forehead. This, however, seemed to bother him none. Apparently he had seen the monk there, the only one who stayed behind to watch over the catacombs and the cemitery adjacent to it and decided to jump over the fence, despite the fact he could have walked around the yard and use the gate, always found partially opened, but for some reason we could not have imagined at the time, he decided against it. The sight of this bloody fool was terrifying enough the monk screamed, breaking his decade old vow of silence. Diodorus raised both of his hands and tossed himself into the ground like a rock, crying like a child. The monk found himself unable to move, gazing at this sad figure crawling on his hands and knees towards him.
It took much convincing to make Diodorus get up and sit on a chair. Once sat he wouldn't move or say anything. He had his left elbow resting on the open window and his eyes loose, gazing at the floor. The monk sat on the floor, closer to the door and said nothing for the longest. This went on until Diodorus broke the silence with a pitiful voice, demeaning himself in any possible manner of speech but at the same time being very forceful with his awkward requests. He was pleading for amulets. This in itself is not awkward, indeed it's not rare we see figures at night rummaging through the old ruins to find some piece of wood or rock that could ward away evil and grant perhaps some powers to the one who carries it. It's true this is a rare sight nowadays because with the gorge open, very few people even dare going out at night, and for good reason. We all know what happened to Aulus's brothers, but more of that later. The awkward part of Diodorus' request was the amount and scope of the request. He didn't just want a few hairs from the monk's beard or perhaps a little piece of his robe, but he wanted that and all amulets men can find on this earth. As the monk showed this was going to be an impossible task, Diodorus bursted into tears again, like a crazy child.
The motives behind such extraordinary request was thus: Diodorus said he felt sick, not the normal type of malady but that he felt an enormous pressure on his head and shoulders, like he was been pressured by the clouds. The earth, he feared, was getting sparce and would crumble beneath his feet. He could get swalled at any moment and sink deep enough to fall out of the bottom. He had iron bars attached to every wall in his house and he would chain himself to them before going to sleep, the little sleep he could have. Not only this man claimed to be under attack from heaven and earth, but he often received visits from ghosts as well. One particularly insistent ghost was a boy who kept making weird requests, such as digging a tunnel to the other side of earth and pat black dogs. There's much interest about this ghost and his requests and fortunately we have several pages from Diodorus' diary a guard saved from the fire last summer and much of it concerns about this and other ghosts. Apparently this boy was connected to a murder Diodorus' brother was involved before going away with the army on the desert campaign. Not only that but is has several enlightning passages on amulets and its effects.
It has nothing however, about what he planned to do with the monk. We all know this story by now. How that day Diodorus killed the monk and later in his house guards found him working on a shrine made of bones. He had made a drum from the monk's skin and kept all his teeth in a tiny wooden box. He was in prison for a long time and some men talked to him before his execution. Of these talks we also have some records left. This and the diary are the only things left from the crazy Diodorus on this earth as villagers burned his house and nobody knows for certain the whereabouts of his family.

Thanks. Here's another small tale from the same "universe".

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"Argo Argo Argo!" Screamed the beast with illumined spiny bristles. "Aha! Foul Bestie my name is not Argo, but rather call me Goodbye! Die!" And so the warrior with gleaming chrome skin beheaded that beast with a flick of laserwhip and its rear sank back into the bubbling pit from whence it came stinking of fine meat and feces. The killer bent himself to pry a tooth from the drooling maw at his feet. Then, spreading aether-catching wings he flew back into the cosmos, back through void, to Betelgeuse! and the scarlet palace of the Archon Hello LX, Controller of 5 systems.

Hello's palace sat on a methane lake shimmering in deep violet twilight under triple moons. Into the outer court, empty save for a legion of robotic servants and bureaucrats flew the slayer. The inner court was dominated by Hello's governance cogitator: a mess of serpentine tubes and pulsating organic circuits all feeding into a single neuroport unit lovingly crafted from stabilized osmium. psycho shards reflected beautifully off of stained glass windows depicting the legends of Betelgeuse and the 5 systems of House Olleh. Exalted in the center of the vast chamber sat the creature Hello, obscenely fat, beaming in the pleasure of cogitator-granted omnipotence despite being flesh fused to toilet/throne. Flanked by at least 99 sex bots of various makes scrubbing and rubbing and kneading his bedsore-encrustulated flab, he knew not want.

"Ssssssllllllaaaaayyeerrrrr" hissed Hello "You have the tooth?" The chrome humanoid prostrated himself before Hello. "I do, Controller." Hello's smile somehow widened even further than before. "Well done slayer. Put it with the rest." The chrome adonis stood up and saluted Hello, before hesitating. He dared to fix his sun-bright octarine eyes on the obese star lord and ask, "Master, why do you have me do this?" Hello paid no heed. His attention threads were too consumed by the micromanaging of the fief via the neuralink.

The slayer flew out of the palace and for kilometers back into the aether towards the baleful red eye of betelgeuse. A small moon in the distance. Getting larger. And larger. Now there is gravity. The slayer landed with a small crunch on the dark side of the moon and sat. For hours he stayed still, pondering the alien fang in his hand until the red rays of Betelgeuse kissed an ocean of teeth.

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