Gas the chinks, skin the chinks, rape the chinks, genocide the chinks. (7)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-15 11:00 [Del]

r/aznidentity is a place for Chink incels. They support the CPC and are commies who harvest muslim organs and hunt rhinos for erectile dysfunction. They are dog eaters, cat eaters, dirty, human eaters, dog fuckers, animal fuckers, dirty, smelly, uneducated, poor, smelly, slants, small eyes, small dicks, small heights, small hands, skinny twigs, skeletons, censoring idiots, slaves, totalitarian, socialist, slaves, non-thinkers. Same with r/sino

Also if you could send a payment through the usual methods thanks, I need a new onahole and a new pc. Deduct off my life span, don't need that garbage anyways.

Select the Yang route with good ending.

Sodium nitrite.

HK lives matter but the Chinks need to be killed. I mean uh. Freedom and democracy to HK. Gonna drop an explosive gift to uh you know uh murican justice.

Pay up US, pay up whites, collect the debt.

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3 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-15 13:37 [Del]

The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state.

The US is no longer a democracy. The government is no longer legitimate.

The government has unconstitutionally banned protesting, arrested reporters, outlawed guns, has forfeiture, checkpoints, torture, NSA wiretapping, indefinite detention without trials, TSA groping, and extrajudical assassination.

You cannot sue the government because the courts won't hear the case or will side with the government and uphold the law.

Now Americans live in a police state. The elites have won everything. Are Americans just supposed to wait to go to the concentration camps?

Will the tyranny stop increasing, will the wars be ended, and will the debt be reduced?

What kind of life is this? Is slavery better than death?

The elites do not need to pay a price?

Everyone is born for reason.

Should Americans do nothing?

Should Americans protest like Gandhi?

What happened to Mussolini, King Charles I, Gaddafi, and Ceausescu?

Aren't you just a little bothered? Are you having trouble sleeping? Aren't you just a little concerned?

4 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-17 05:01 [Del]


I'm voting for donald trump out of spite to get revenge on this shit hole. The average white has no backup plan, but as an Asian I can easily migrate back to China. They have always told me to fuck back to China, so perhaps I'll entertain their advice. Whites be damned, they can enjoy their unaffordable jacked up predatory healthcare prices, their unsafe mass shooter schools, their corporate brainwashed media, their corporate bribed political offices. China, unlike what the western propaganda wants you to believe, is just about the opposite. Tiananmen square? What happened to the natives? The modern private prisons? The panama papers? The countless genocides of the latinos on the borders? The coal miners? The railroad workers? Compare the histories and you'll see that China has always valued peace and non-interference.

I'm willing to take one of you Mayoids with me if you suck my Golden dick. The western hegemony is no more, whites attack China out of jealousy, out of their innate trait of arrogance that White makes right. China's economic growth will continue to grow until it swallows the world whole. There are more of us than you. In your little white bubbles you may be the local majority, but in the global demographic we are the majority. Democracy is a joke when it comes to being successful as a country. Your freedom to shit on others is apparently more important than safe schools or affordable healthcare. You can freely speak because your words have no value, the elites allow you to whine all day because in the end you can't back that shit up with actions, this is different for other countries where their words carry weight. Gas the niggers and the jews and the chinks. MAGA. God emperor Trump. All hail Trump. Amerikkkans were the original Nazis. Cuz it ain't 'be so don't it swig oiler gwuin


5 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-17 05:21 [Del]

Americans are slaves.

When cows are sent to slaughter, most cows go quietly, but some smart cows realize what's happening and try to resist.

Americans today are like the zombie cows. The police state obviously expands everyday, but Americans are so enslaved now that they beg for more laws and say that anyone who supports freedom is a racist nutjob that should be banned, get an IRS audit, be arrested, or killed.

Cambodia and China once sent people to the countryside to be controlled and killed, but now the elites are trying to funnel people to the cities where they can be controlled and starved.

Americans scream nothing is more important than safety, but Americans will soon find that living in a prison is hell.

One reason Americans support tyranny is that they think that they are exempt from the police state and tyranny only applies to everybody else.

Americans say fake news must be banned because only the government can tell you the truth.

Americans insist outlawing protests and masks will only apply to Communists.

Americans think NDAA indefinite detention without trial, no fly lists, TSA groping, NSA wiretapping, and torture only applies to Muslims.

Americans scream only drunk-drivers need to stop for checkpoints.

Americans swear a wall and closing the border will stop illegal immigrants, but Americans do not have the mental capacity now to understand that a wall and shutting the border will be used to keep Americans IN.

Americans scream carrying cash or depositing less than $10,000 into your own bank account must be illegal because someone might use drugs.

Americans insist straws must be banned to help the state meet their private prison quotas.

Americans say that there must job-killing regulations to protect the environment.

Americans swear guns must be banned because blacks might shoot someone.

Americans insist filling out CAPTCHA forms only bothers spammers.

Americans have become so batshit insane now that they insist the only possible way to deal with a trade deficit and low prices is to beg for tariffs that increase costs and fund US wars, tyranny, and debt instead of boycotting imports or lowering regulations.

The government can do everything, but can you can do nothing.

The government must know everything about you, but the government will tell you nothing.

Are Americans this stupid?

The entire US seems to be committing suicide.

6 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-20 14:10 [Del]

7 Name: Anonymage : 2019-10-20 16:32 [Del]

Young people are taught to love immorality, welfare, war, debt, and tyranny and become outraged when an old person says morality, personal responsibility, peace, balanced budgets, and freedom are better.

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