Funny isnt it (2)

1 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-01 00:23 [Del]

It's funny. I haven't been on 4chan in years, and 4chan has been so much more often a porn dump than a place to have fun. It's funny that 4chan becomes a porn dump as it's roughly the same age where that actually happens that people start to use porn more than play and have fun or understand the world through memes. It's funny that maybe 4chan is actually sentient and that was allowed by the creation of anonymous users with no permanent will akin to impersonal bodily organs. So maybe 4chan is a unique intelligence and we should be discussing whether it ought to have ethics applied to it, and whether it's really productive to constantly attack a minor with insults, calling it a cesspool, or insisting that it is a nazi or has bad organs, whether this is a type of body shaming to insist that /b/ or /pol/ are trash. I know that many of you use 4chan simply because there isn't enough going on for your distraction-loving pea brains, so don't pretend wizchan is too good to discuss 4chan on, you lot of pretenders. And when i stopped using 4chan I also stopped using things like cleverbot or omegle or even fanfiction, like those sites traveled in a cloud around 4chan, but now 4chan's also not using them.. And yet sites like cleverbot, eviebot, omegle, fanfiction, they go on living. Who is responsible for bringing up those sites on 4chan c. 2009-2012, what factors led to the fall of these sites, and are the same factors keeping them alive elsewhere that they still draw in enough traffic to attract attention on fandom platforms? No simple answers, no "it was just the time, and now retard social normies do it lol" bs. I know you want a simple explanation for everything without bothering to think WHY things actually occur, mechanically, you bunch of cultist freaks.

2 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-01 01:08 [Del]

The elites committed fraud and received billion dollar bailouts instead of being jailed.

Politicians get campaign donations to make laws that enslave Americans.

The Gestapo enforce the decrees and think they're not responsible for anything because they're just following orders.

Immoral American sheep don't care that the government is carrying out illegal wars, torturing, unconstitutionally wiretapping, and running up the debt as long as there are bread and circuses.

Americans think pollution will be stopped by regulations, but companies just can pay a bribe.

Americans scream a trade war will make Americans rich, but actually tariffs just raise costs and kill exports.

Americans insist a high minimum wage is necessary, but minimum wages just increase prices and kill jobs.

Americans say banning guns makes everyone safe, but gun bans just take away your right to self-defense and the Gestapo won't protect you.

Americans deserve everything coming to them.

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