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1 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-05 02:30 [Del]

What are some ways that you could have avoided becoming NEET?

i think if the state had taken a more active role in monitoring development of citizen, if doctors had been more assertive about asking psychological questions and not just dropped unknowns to be lost, i think u could have realistically avoided become NEET. i don't think there is something fundamentally NEET about anyone, but there are ways to go about becoming a productive member of society that are not being addressed, and you are now corrupted to some degree because the systems have not been installed to stop people from dropping out, or giving them low stress ways to reintegrate at a point where it's possible. So much of the responsibility is shifted onto the ones who are incapable of taking it and of course they can't complain about it in a productive way.

2 Name: Anonymage : 2019-11-05 02:35 [Del]

i think there should be a firm, legally enforced pipeline into waste management or military logistics. of course it won't work out for antisocial types just like no imposed system does, but many NEETs are just incompetent regarding self integration.

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